EOLOS ties-up with Windpal for offshore wind resource and metocean data measurements in Japan

Published: 13 . 03 . 2023

As part of the penetration into strategic markets for wind resource and metocean campaigns, EOLOS continues to secure partnerships in order to offer the turn-key offering it is known for, using its FLS200 integrated buoy.

Spain based EOLOS and Japanese Windpal have signed an agreement for securing business in the Japan by combining EOLOS FLS200 technology and digital services with Windpal environmental marine services expertise and proven quality excellence in executing safe and sustainable operations at sea.

EOLOS will provide Windpal the necessary technology and digital data services insight for offering the most attractive and sustainable wind and metocean measurement services to offshore wind developers. Windpal will be monitoring regulatory frame progress closely as well establishing permanent contact with local stakeholders to effectively execute campaigns from an early stage.

“Windpal is an exceptional partner to attend the demanding standards that the Japanese market is known for. Their proven experience in the offshore sector, demonstrated through their competence with geotechnical surveys, together with their strong technical capabilities and appetite for being part of the ambitious offshore wind development plans in Japan made them the an ideal partner candidate”, describes EOLOS Business Developer Sergi Roma.

“Discussions with offshore wind developers reveals that the ability to ensure high availability and lowest risk of data gaps is one of their top concerns. A solid and locally respected partner enables us to act nimbly and extend our reach, replicating a multinational firm with a diversified portfolio”.

EOLOS is leveraging its success in European, Asian and North American projects to appeal to developers in Japan. “EOLOS has been successful in diverse markets via product qualification followed by cohesive collaboration with local partners. The agreement reached with Windpal prepares EOLOS to enter Japan with the assurance of end-to-end execution that our clients expect from us.” explained Rajai Aghabi, CEO at EOLOS.

EOLOS and Windpal will be jointly present at the forthcoming Wind Expo in Tokyo, 28-February to 1-March 2024.

About Windpal

Windpal is a Japan based Company, one of the pioneers in the Japanese offshore wind energy market. Based on the experience of European partners, Windpal provides a full range of services tailor made for each stage of offshore wind project development. Windpal services allow clients to minimise risks and to efficiently combine several overlapping job scopes under one service contract.

To find out more visit: https://www.windpal.co.jp/
or contact: andrey@windpal.co.jp


EOLOS offers a combination of wind, ocean and environmental turn-key measuring solutions and digital services to the offshore wind industry. EOLOS obtained the highest commercial maturity, known as Stage 3, in April 2022 as defined by the UK’s Carbon Trust. Stage 3 signifies the highest possible level of availability and performance, providing minimal levels of uncertainty in site specific measurements. EOLOS’ products and digital services gather data efficiently for offshore wind developers and operators globally accelerating the development phase while lowering costs and risk. EOLOS’ product, the FLS200, is a multi-purpose, autonomous buoy that integrates cutting edge sensors to measure wind, ocean and environmental characteristics reducing uncertainty and inherent risks during the development, operation and maintenance phase of the offshore wind farm.

To find out more visit: https://www.eolossolutions.com
or contact:
Julian Harland, Sales Director

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