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Let our Sales Director give you a one minute pitch on what EOLOS does and the service it provides to the global offshore wind industry.


Designed specifically for the offshore wind industry

The EOLOS FLS200 has been purposely designed exclusively for the needs of the offshore wind industry, ensuring proper dynamics for wind measurements, while minimizing both CAPEX and OPEX of offshore wind measurement campaigns. This is achieved through its innovative light-weight, compact structure with the necessary robustness to withstand the harshest offshore environments for a completely autonomous wind resource measuring campaign, anywhere in the world.

Accredited quality processes

EOLOS adopts rigour in its business processes, achieving and maintaining accredited certification for ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.


An EOLOS FLS200 resource measuring campaign offers bankable wind assessments to forecast wind energy potential.

Highly accurate

The EOLOS FLS200 uses the market leading ZX Lidars 300M continuous wave LiDAR, which has a proven track record in meteorological offshore applications.

All-in-one system

Equipped with fully autonomous and remote sensing devices the EOLOS FLS200 provides wind, wave and current flow information in parallel with local real-time meteorological data.


Requires just a few weeks to get authorised and installed with easy re-deployment during the measuring campaign.

Fully autonomous

The EOLOS FLS200 is powered by means of renewable energy sources and batteries, which assure full autonomy.

Easy transport & deploy

Modular structure providing a low weight system, easy to install by means of readily available vessels at any industrial harbor.

Wind resource measurements

  • Lidar Type: ZX Lidars 300M
  • Speed
  • Altitude
  • Direction

Ocean measurements

  • Wave height
  • Wave periodicity
  • Current flow
  • Water and air temperatures
  • Other meteorological attributes
  • Customisable data capture such as avian surveys

Data communication

  • Satellite / 4G / WiFi Via Eolos Connect

Environmental monitoring

  • Bird and bat monitoring
  • Marine mammal monitoring
  • Fish nanotag detection
  • Water salinity and quality
  • Marine growth tendency

Marine approvals

  • RAL 1023 Yellow
  • Fully compliant with IALA
  • Radar reflector
  • Marine Lantern
  • Redundant GPS Location
  • Drift alarm


10 – 300 metres (Lidar measurement)
0 – 10 metres (onboard met weather station)

Probe length
± 0.07 metres @ 10 metres
± 7.70 metres @ 100 metres

Heights measured
10 User configurable
1 Additional met weather station measurement

Sampling rate
50Hz (up to 50 measurement points every second)

Averaging rate
True 1-second averaging
10 Minute averaging

Accuracy wind speed
0.1 m/s*

Direction variation

1 m/s to 80 m/s