EOLOS on-track for Stage 3 commercialisation

Published: 11 . 02 . 2020

EOLOS announces it has achieved two, separate, full year deployment campaigns that have fulfilled the floating LiDAR Stage 3 requirements authored by the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Roadmap.

The turn-key deployments at both the EDPR-Engie Moray West offshore wind farm and the Polish utility PGE Baltica  located in the Baltic Sea have both exceeded the most-demanding Key Performance Indicators that the industry works towards, authored by the Carbon Trust.

A twenty-four-month continuous campaign using the validated EOLOS FLS200 experienced the full brunt of Baltic Sea conditions (including a period of ice build-up) and a parallel twelve-month campaign in the North Sea range of conditions has provided relentlessly high quality, bankable data to the project team.

The achievement of Stage 3 is a key milestone in the industrialisation and acceptance of floating LiDAR as the turn-to method of obtaining site specific offshore wind data.  EOLOS achieved Stage 2 status back in 2016 through extended validation periods, the characteristic of this criteria being one of achieving a high level of accuracy.  That being a given for being recognised as a global provider of data, the Stage 3 key performance indicators are dominated by one of demonstrating consistently high levels of availability.

“The remarkably high performance of the FLS200 buoys in the above and other commercial campaigns, as well as during short and long term data quality verifications show, that EOLOS is on a very promising way to comply with all Carbon Trust Roadmap requisites to be industry accepted as a fully commercialized product” says Detlef Stein, Multiversum GmbH. Detlef serves as an independent auditor to EOLOS overseeing the collection of evidence and hence the progress to attain this ultimate maturity stage.

EOLOS will now continuing to provide its performance of its fleet of deployments to a nominated independent party that will audit and verify the consolidation of deployments to yield a fleet compliancy that is expected to be follow in the coming months.  In December 2019 Moray West elected to extend the campaign with EOLOS for a second year running.

Sales Director, Julian Harland declared “EOLOS has been working hard for this quantifiable and evidence-based achievement, something that is wholly attributed to the in-house engineering team for yielding an inherently robust product with first-class suppliers”.

EDP Renewables Carlos Cerezo, Project Director for Moray West acknowledged that “This is a pleasing outcome not only for EOLOS as a supplier but for the project itself.  Our models and assessments will rely heavily on the data obtained.  We are now fully confident in EOLOS being capable to deliver such high data quality in harsh conditions.”

PGE Baltica’s Director of Offshore Wind Farm Development, Karol Pogorzelski, recalled that “EOLOS was a fairly new player at the time of the public procurement process PGE launched back in 2016.  Now that we have received a high post-process availability figure for the entire 24-month block of campaign, confirms that EOLOS has established itself as a top-tier vendor for this type of work. We expect no problems with bankability of this campaign.”

About Moray Offshore Windfarm (West) Ltd (MOWWL)

MOWWL is 66%  owned by EDPR and 33% by ENGIE.  EDPR has developed wind farms since 1996 and were first listed publicly in June 2008. Its renewable energy business now comprises the development, construction and operation of wind farms and solar plants to generate and deliver clean electricity.

EDPR operates in markets around the globe and is continuously looking for opportunities to expand its business in the regions where it already operates along with new regions, whenever long-term investments conditions are met.

About PGE Baltica

PGE Baltica was established in January 2019 as the company responsible for implementing the Offshore Program in the PGE Capital Group, which coordinates preparations for the construction of three offshore wind farms in Poland:

  • Baltica-1 Wind Farm (EWB1), maximum of 900 MW,
  • Baltica-2 Wind Power Plant (EWB2), which in January 2019 received a proposal from PSE for technical conditions for connection to the National Power System for a maximum of 1,498 MW,
  • Baltica-3 Wind Power Plant (EWB3) with a connection agreement with PSE for a maximum of 1045 MW.

PGE Baltica is owned by PGE Capital Group – the largest energy group in Poland. PGE Baltica plans to build offshore wind farms in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea. Their total maximum power will be up to 3.5 GW.

About Multiversum GmbH

Multiversum GmbH is a cross-industry management consultancy based in Germany with offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. Founded in 2007, Multiversum has advised many industrial and medium-sized companies. In the energy sector, Multiversum mainly provides project management services for offshore windfarm developers and expert advice in LiDAR Remote Sensing and Wind Resource Measurement.


EOLOS Floating Lidar Solutions offers turn-key measuring solutions to the offshore wind industry.  Its product, the EOLOS FLS200, is a highly robust validated floating buoy that uses LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology to gather high-quality wind and ocean data from any offshore location.  It enables wind farm planners to perform wind measurements at heights of more than 200 metres above sea level, and to calculate wave and current movements up to depths of 300 metres. As a floating buoy, the EOLOS FLS200 provides for fast installation and rapid re-location to other areas within a wind farm site or to completely new sites when required. By using the EOLOS FLS200 floating LiDAR system, project developers can reduce the costs of essential wind measurement by a factor of ten compared to conventional mast installations.

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